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Richert, R.A., Saide, A.R., Lesage, K.A., & Shaman, N.J. (2016). The role of religious context in children's differentiating between God's mind and human minds. British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 35, 37-57. doi: 10.1111/bjdp.12160 (PDF)

Richert, R.A., Shaman, N.J., Saide, A.R., & Lesage, K.A. (2016). Folding your hands helps God hear you: Prayer and anthropomorphism in parents and children. Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, 27, 140-157.  doi: 10.1163/9789004322035_010 (PDF)

Shaman, N.J., Saide, A.R., Lesage, K.A., & Richert, R.A. (2016). Who cares if I stand on my head when I pray? Social cognition and ritual inflexibility in preschoolers. Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, 27, 122-139.  doi: 10.1163/9789004322035_009 (PDF)

Book Chapters


Richert, R.A., & Lesage, K.A. (In-Press). Dualism revisited: Body vs. mind vs. soul. Invited chapter to appear in D. J. Slone & W. W. McCorkle Jr. (Eds.), The Cognitive Science of Religion: A Methodological Introduction to Key Empirical Studies. New York, NY: Bloomsbury Academic. (PDF)

Manuscripts In progress

Lesage, K.A., & Richert, R.A. (Under Review, invited R&R). Developmental differences in the efficacy of supernatural causality: What can God make possible?

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